SuitePros Approach to Training

SuitePros recommended high-level approach to training is as follows:

  • First, we identify the skill levels and organizational structure required for both the client’s start-up (implementation) and steady-state (ongoing) operations.
  • Second, we develop and administer a skill survey template to determine the client employee’s existing skill levels vis-a-vis the targeted requirement. The gap between the existing skill levels and the targeted requirements represents the training that needs to be completed.
  • Third, we develop a training plan specifically targeted to address this gap, the overall implementation schedule and the client’s available budget. MHI has a full spectrum of ad hoc training options to leverage in this regard ranging from on-site classes in data warehousing, hands-on training in specific technologies, methodology, architecture, metadata, business intelligence, etc. Also, we frequently develop and administer a customized training curriculum targeted specifically at the customer’s requirement.
  • Finally, after getting concurrence from the customer on the training plans viability and making any necessary revisions, we would finalize the training schedule, develop the required custom training materials and conduct the training.


Examples of a SuitePros Training Curriculum

  • Systems and Application Performance and Tuning
  • Informatica Architecture and Design
  • Tailored education sessions for executives
  • Tailored educational workshops for client project development teams


MHI’s Curriculum addresses the needs of both Business and Technology Professionals

Business Training

  • End user customized
  • Reporting tool training
  • Data familiarization training
  • Systems and Application Performance and Tuning


Technology Training

  • Data warehouse design and architecture
  • ETL design and development
  • Meta Data
  • Business Intelligence reporting tool design, security and development


MHI Training Development Services

  • Training needs assessment & roadmap
  • Curriculum design & development
  • Data familiarization
  • Job aids
  • Marketing & communications for training


Characteristics of MHI Training Delivery Methods and Services

  • Live, instructor-led (classroom) training
  • Informational sessions
  • Live, customized workshops
  • Remote, instructor-led (web-cast / virtual) training
  • Self-paced, web-based or computer-based training
  • Train the trainer